Before you begin installing the new driver, you may need to complete some preliminary procedures. Once that, it will ask for your permission to reset your computer after it has removed everything. You’ve completed the removal of your old Nvidia drivers.

To perform the procedure, you’ll need to find HKEY_CURRENT_USER, which is located in the Windows registry. There, you’ll need to remove any folders or files that are related to your graphics card driver. You’ll also want to remove any other driver software that is related to the problematic one. You can also download and use a program called Display Driver Uninstaller to remove this problem driver. It’s unlikely that reinstalling the graphics card’s drivers will resolve a persistent issue. It is possible to solve minor issues that appear out of nowhere by restarting the drivers.


If you use creative apps every day, we recommend the studio driver. If you are a gamer, go straight to game-ready drivers. You can either disable the programs within the antivirus or malware app.

If you cannot find the MF driver when selecting the driver, uninstall it according to the procedure in «To Uninstall Using the Uninstaller.» This explains the procedure for uninstalling the MF driver. Perform this procedure if an MF driver has become unnecessary. Select «System and Maintenance,» then choose «Device Manager.» This loads a window with all the hardware currently installed on the computer.

Fully remove a printer driver in Windows 11

And then you will receive the NVIDIA installer cannot continue error. You can try fix this error with this guide and then go on installing the graphics driver. But when I clicked “show hidden devices” in the device manager, the 3070 showed up. So I uninstalled it, but I’m still getting the exact same errors when I try to redownload the drivers.

When you see an AMD or Nvidia process, click it to highlight it. Then click End Task in the lower-right corner. Driversol Drivers Your screen may flash or flicker when your drivers reset. You can reset your graphics driver using either Windows shortcut or Device Manager, and the detailed steps are below. Please find some of the methods to restart or reset your graphics driver on Windows down below and adopt one according to your preference.

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