In recording your screen with this tool, there are various recording modes to choose from. Either you capture in full screen, or just select a certain portion to record. While recording, users can also add audio if they wish as well as recording their webcam feeds. Moreover, ApowerREC also comes with a built-in tool that can be used in adding basic annotations like lines, arrows, shapes, numbering, zoom function, etc. Companies and individuals use screen recorders for different reasons. Whether it is about creating a presentation for a seminar or creating a tutorial video, a screen recording software can be of great help.

You can record an element by selecting it in the drop-down box on the left side of the ScreenRecorder bar. Then select either FULL SCREEN or a specific window to record it. Check the Audio box to enable audio recording. Bandicam promises that you can record videos for 24 hours without any trouble, however, the file size remains a concern as Bandicam too just like OBS saves the video locally. When you are done recording, the tool generates a link where you can easily share your video across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram or Email.

Does Windows 10 use more resources than Windows 7?

This may be the main account for logging in to Windows but it is not the actual administrator account. Once the command is executed, it will change the account privileges, and the user can access administrative tools. Open standard user’s propertiesIn the user Properties dialog box, go to the Member Of tab and click on the Add button. The local user will no longer require administrator permission to install apps and change settings. If you cannot change the account name in Windows 10, create a new account with the name you want and then remove the old one. But note, if you delete the old account from your PC, the personal settings for that old account will also be cleared.

The steps below assuming you’re already using an administrator account, and in the end we’ll have another account with administrator privilege. Type net user administrator in the command prompt and hit enter. A message saying “The command completed successfully” will be displayed.

Way 3. Change Administrator Name in Local Group Policy Editor

If you use Google Chrome and want an easy-to-use extension that can perform video capture on Windows 10, there are a couple of extensions to try. Both of these options are popular and offer multiple features along with convenient use through your Chrome browser, without the need for any other software. To start, make sure your device is displaying the apps or content you would like to record. Then, open the recording tool by entering “Xbox” into the Windows search box. Well, the action is surprisingly simple and easy to learn.

#3. OBS

The new member will then need to confirm the addition to your family group from his or her inbox. Select the desired option from the drop-down list, then click OK. Scroll down to the Other Users section, then choose Add someone else to this PC. Note that you must be signed in as an Administrator to add a new user. Security of Information Technology Resources (IT-12) requires that you normally refrain from running your Windows computer as an administrator. For more, see About the principle of least privilege.

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